Material Handling - Widnes, Cheshire and Liverpool

David Lythgoe Ltd are Material Handling specialists, operating out of several warehouses on the same site in Gorsey Lane Widnes, Cheshire on the Widnes Waterfront area, we are geared to receiving materials here in various types of transport. We have container ramps for unloading / loading shipping containers. We have fork lift trucks for unloading / loading curtainsiders vehicles and tautliners.

The material can be taken into dedicated holding areas or even dedicated warehouses, depending upon the client's needs and throughput where it is then stored after inspection. We can then simply store your products or transfer the material from one type of packaging to another whether this is in 1,000 or 500 kg IBCs, 20 or 25 kgs paper or plastic sacks and we also specialise in filling road tankers for clients using various types of equipment.

This can be by simply using gravity, by lifting the packaging above a tanker and filling through each hatch, transferring via auger or conveyor. The choice of equipment used depends upon the specification and characteristics of the material being handled, so as not to degrade the product. All handling procedures are set in place after discussions with the client to ensure that the best handling practices are utilised. We have loaded over 25,000 tonnes into road tanker in a twelve-month period and we are very experienced in this field.

We can liaise with your carrier bringing in and loading out your materials and so we can ease the burden on your own staff. Not being carriers ourselves, we are perfectly happy to work with any nominated carrier you wish to use. We do have many hauliers already visiting site and so we are happy to liaise on your behalf with suitable transport companies. You can be as involved in the daily Material Handling of your products as you wish to be.