Warehousing - Widnes, Cheshire and Liverpool.

We are fortunate that the entire 7.5 acre site is owned by our associate company Adam Lythgoe (Estates) Ltd. Both companies are owned by David Lythgoe and the advantages are that as your needs change, either in terms of space or handling requirements, we can easily adapt our warehousing operations to suit your needs.

This applies to both bulk material requirements and finished goods areas within the various warehouses. We can expand into more warehouses, if we so wish, as and when they become available. It may be that one particular warehouse suits your needs better and so we may well be able to re-plan our operations accordingly.

Not many warehousing companies are able to do this. As we have nine various warehouse units on site, varying from 2,500 to 30,000 sq.ft each, and many with simple dividing partitions, we can even grow or contract your space should it become necessary.

We can even move your material between buildings without the need to go off-site. All of our warehouses have a good working height, excellent access and loading / unloading aprons. We have external storage space available too for those products that can be safely stored outside. Whatever your needs are, or may be, talk to us and we'd be delighted to help you. Some warehouses are better suited for bulk handling purposes and others for storing finished packaged goods awaiting despatch.